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Add-on Services

Angel Casts offers a free casting service to recently bereaved parents.

Each family recieves two sets of both hands and both feet (unless otherwise advised) free of charge.

More information on Angel Casts services


This product page contains discounted add-on services for Angel Casts families, beyond what is funded via the charity.

Use this page only if you would like to order extra sets of casts (beyond 2 sets already provided), or frames.

If you have not been referred to this product page by Angel Casts, and would like to have casts made of your baby or child,
please select 'Book Online' in our menu top of page, to make an appointment, or contact us via our contact tab.

About Angel Casts

Hi, I'm Jen.

My husband Aaron and I first started Angel Casts in 2013. After several years of owning our own casting business, Hamilton Lifecasting Studio, I was called by a local midwife who asked me to cast a baby who was sadly born sleeping. It was my first ever request for an angel casts. That day, that experience, changed my life. I knew in that moment how precious these casts would be to his family. How they would hold them, how they would touch his little toes, and feel a connection to their baby they could no longer hold and touch in person. I knew then that this was a tangible memory that could be so vital to a family's healing, as well as help in their siblings understanding. I knew then, that I never wanted to profit from another mothers loss. I knew then that this had to be a free service. That was the beginning of Angel Casts.

From 2013-2016 Aaron and I supported the cost of Angel Casts ourselves, through profits made in our lifecasting business, and as demand for our service increased we turned to our community for support. With demand nearing it's peak, often being called to a new angel casting several times a week, we needed more help and more hands on deck. In March 2016 we became a charitable trust (charities number CC52962). We have been overwhelmed with the amount of support from our community, and all those involved with helping us to make this a sustainable service, and we cannot thank you all enough.

We continue to rely on public support to ensure this service remains free for all our families. Please help us to support mums and dads around the Waikato who are suffering the loss of a child. Your donation will help to give parents a physical memory to last a lifetime. To learn more about Angel Casts services or to donate please see our charity website

x Jen

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