After Purchase & Preparing Your Inclusions

You've found the perfect piece of jewellery to preserve your precious keepsake. You've chosen your colours and submitted your order.

So what happens next?

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Please see below for instructions on how to best send or deliver your inclusion to our studio for crafting.

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2 - Crafting Begins

Once your order is placed and we've received your inclusion crafting can begin. For DNA keepsake jewellery we will email you progress photos during the crafting process. This will allow you to make changes to the colours/design/inclusion viability etc before the piece is set and polished.


3 - The Finished Piece

Once complete, we will email you final proof photos for your approval. Once we know you're happy with the finished piece, we'll arrange for the collection or delivery of your keepsake. Studio pick ups can be arranged by appointment.

How to send your inclusions



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