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Note: Product listing is for CASTS ONLY, and does not include a frame.

To frame these casts, please see 'Custom Frames' listing.


Angel Casts offers a free casting service to recently bereaved parents. Each family recieves two sets of both hands and both feet (unless otherwise advised) free of charge.


Use this option if you would like to order extra casts, in addition to your 2 free sets already provided.

If you have not been referred to this product page by Angel Casts, and would like to have casts made of your baby or child, please select 'Book Online' in our menu top of page, to make an appointment, or contact us via our contact tab.

In order to make copies, we need to have an original set of your baby's casts in our studio. If you have these at home with you, I will be in touch after your purchase to arrange for the originals to be couriered or dropped off to our studio (same location as Angel Casts studio). We need the originals for approximately 1 week, and the copies will then take a further 4 weeks to complete.

Pricing is at a discounted rate for Angel Casts families, and varies based on approximate age, and how many casts you wish to purchase. If you have any questions in regards to your order please contact me at


The casts are presented freestanding (loose) in a gift box. Custom framing options also available for an additional fee.




How to order:


First select the approximate age of your baby or child from the drop down box provided.


Next select the number of casts you'd like copied.

Single = 1 cast (ie 1 hand OR 1 foot)

Pair = 2 casts (ie 2 hands OR 2 feet OR 1 hand and 1 foot)

Full Set = 4 casts (ie both hands AND both feet - full set)

*If you wish to order more, simply increase the quantity in the 'Quantity' box before adding to cart.


Please note your baby or child's name. This is for our records only, and does not appear on the gift box.


Then add your colour choice in the box provided. Colour options are listed in product photos on this page. (Note - pearl white no longer available)

Lastly, add any notes or comments you'd like to make in the special instructions box, then select 'Add to cart'.


Payment must be recieved before work starts on your cast copies.


Jen will be in touch once your order is processed at checkout and confirm your choices before work begins. You may also call or txt Jen on 0273334069 if you have any questions before placing your order.

Cast Copies - (Angel Casts)

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