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Imprinted with your little one's fingerprint, our pure fine silver pendants are as unique as they are. This is a very popular option for older children who have a terminal prognosis, and can be a fun memory making experience.


If your child has recently passed away, we'll need to take a fingerprint before they're laid to rest. This can be done at home with several DIY methods, or we can see you at your home, funeral home, or hospital to take the impression for you. Please get in touch to arrange this.


​We can also use existing ink prints you may have, even if they're faint, smudged, or on seperate pieces of paper, Jen can digitally render them to be clear and aligned, creating a positive impression of your print ready to press into silver.


Each piece is crafted by hand, so can be styled into any shape or size. We recommend medium size for neckalce pendants which comfortably fit a childs prints. While large pendants allow room for hand engraving or stamped initials.



*Small is suitable for charms, cufflinks or earrings (approx 10-15mm depending on shape).

*Medium is suitable for necklace pendants and keyrings (approx 20-25mm depending on shape).

*Large is suitable for larger necklace pendants or keyring with room for name/date/text (approx 30-35mm depending on shape).



All shapes available,  our most popular include heart, tear drop, oval, long bar, and dog tag.



*Initials on the front are etched using a stamping technique, though can be hand engraved on request to match a specific font.

*Engraving on reverse is hand engraved, not machine engraved. So there will be some variances in font and/or sizing between pieces, as each one is a unique one off work of art.

*Handwriting samples can be provided which we can trace onto the reverse, such as your loved ones signature, or their name or short message in their own handwriting.

*Engraved messages should be kept short, preferably under 5 words to comfortably fit a medium-large pendant.

*Small pendants do not allow space for engraving, with the exception of initials on reverse.



*Fingerprints aren't fully developed until the age of 2 years old. Because of this we're unable to offer fingerprint pendants for babies or infants. Please see our Hand and Foot Print Pendants for younger children.

*Digital Prints - Fingerprints can be taken at home using the pencil and tape technique (see here for instructions) and then photographed/scanned and emailed to me at where I will then render the image to create a positive stamp which is then pressed into silver. This method produces a slightly larger print with more defined lines on your finished pendant.

*Natural Prints - For an authentic print the same size and shape as your loved ones finger we can create a silicone mould by pressing their finger directly into our quick set silicone. Silicone moulds create an exact duplicate of both size and shape as well as fine fingerprint details, which gives the pendant a more authentic impression. This can be done in our studio, or a kit can be couriered to you along with instructions. This is the technique we will use with all funeral home visits and in person studio printing sessions, unless otherwise requested.

*All prints will be returned to you along with your finished pendant/s. When kept air tight they will last for many years so copies can be made in future.



These pendants are provided at a discount price for Angel Casts families, or any bereaved family referred via hospice, Child Cancer, Sands or similar services.

Angel Casts - Fingerprint Pendants

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