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Frame and Cast Colour Options cast unique gift Hamilton Lifecasting Studio

Frame & Cast Colour Options

Get inspiration for your cast and framing design choices.

Browse frame mouldings, layouts, mat boards, and cast colours.

We custom make each frame, which allows you to mix and match colours and styles, to design something unique and one of a kind.

Frame Mouldings

Choose from our Boxed Mouldings, Classic Collection, and Premium Range.

Premium Range mouldings incur an additional $50 for small single window frames, and +$80 on multi-window or oversized frames.

Frame Mouldings
Freestanding Cast Colours

Cast Colours - Framed

These cast colours are great for framed casts or any casts not handled regularly (such as freestanding casts). Above are examples of how they appear against different coloured mat boards and framing styles.

Cast Colours - Freestanding

Get inspiration for your freestanding cast colour here. We advise against choosing bright shiny or reflective finishes for freestanding/unframed casts, as they can tarnish when handled regularly. Unlike spray paints, these colours shown above use a gilders wax technique which retains all the fine details, and have been hand picked as the most durable for regular handling when not protected behind glass.

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