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Colours & Embillishments cast unique gift Hamilton Lifecasting Studio

Colours & Embellishments

Get inspiration for colours and embellishments to add to your inclusion jewellery and keepsake pendants.

You can reference your selections in the 'Colour Options' section when placing your order.

Jen will then be in touch via email after your purchase to clarify or discuss your design preferences further.

Base Colours

Choose from a wide range of colours which will sit as a base behind any inclusions. We recommend 1 base colour for smaller settings such as rings, or 1-2 complimentary base colours for larger settings such as pendants. (Complimentary means colours that work well together such as blue and green, or pink and purple combinations).


Embellishments are a great way to add that extra bit of 'bling' to your inclusion jewellery. Use these additions to make your piece pop, or to blend/disguise inclusions such as cremation ashes if you'd prefer they weren't the dominant feature of your keepsake. They can also be used to create style effects or to emulate birthstones.

Pearl Pigments

Our pearl pigments make a beautiful addition to breastmilk jewellery enhancing their natural milk colour. They can also be used for other inclusions such as hair and ashes to add an extra shine and sparkle.

Design Style

There's a certain artistry in the way all of the above colours and inclusions come together. Not sure how to decide? Leave it to me. I'm an artist by trade and will know what works and what doesn't. However please let me know if there's a specific design you're after in terms of how your inclusion and embellishments are presented or laid out. We will be in touch during your pieces creation with progress photos so you can ensure we have the right colours and depth of your inclusions. At this point you can make adjustments before the piece is finalised.

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