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Breastmilk inclusion keepsake jewellry Hamilton Lifecasting Studio

To create your piece, we just need a minimum of 10mls of breastmilk. It can be frozen, or fresh within 48hrs. If you're local you can pop into the studio to drop it off. If you're not from Hamilton then it's best to freeze fresh an icecube of breastmilk, place it in a small sealed container, and/or several snaplock bags to seal it completely, then overnight courier to us. You may also include an icepack, or wrap in a chiller bag to keep it cooler for longer. It does not have to arrive completely fresh  as it's not for consumption, but keeping it cool will help with our preservation process.

On arrival, your milk will be preserved into powdered form, before crafting into your chosen stone. 10-20mls is more than enough to make several pieces of jewellery.


We will return half of the preserved milk to you along with your finished piece, and the other half will be held in our studio indefinately, named dated and labeled, incase you  require any pieces made in future. You are welcome to request the full amount of preserved powder to be returned to you if you'd prefer.


Breastmilk bead inclusion keepsake jewellry Hamilton Lifecasting Studio

Please package the breastmilk so as to avoid any spills. Be sure to send at the start of the week so that it's not held up at the courier depot over the weekend.

Please send via tracked courier to:

Hamilton Lifecasting Studio

28 Carey Street


Hamilton 3200

Please let me know when the milk is on its way so I can advise you when your inclusion has arrived safely.



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