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Dried Placenta or Umbilical Cord

dried placenta umbilical cord inclusion keepsake jewellry Hamilton Lifecasting Studio

We take the upmost care and respect of your personal inclusions. We understand how precious they are, so we ask that you don't send all the inclusion you have, but only send a small amount incase of any postal issues.


Umbilical cord should be dried, and may still be attached to the cord clamp. Please place approximately a 1cm piece of dried umbilical cord into a snaplock bag.


Dried placenta should be in a capsule form, one capsule will be enough for several pieces of jewellery.


Dried placenta inclusion keepsake jewellry Hamilton Lifecasting Studio

Please send via tracked courier to:

Hamilton Lifecasting Studio

28 Carey Street


Hamilton 3200

Please let me know when the keepsake is on its way so I can advise you when your inclusion has arrived safely.



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