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Refill powders are available to those who have previously purchased a DIY Home Casting Kit, and are wanting additional powder packets without having to buy a whole new kit.


Each bag of moulding and casting powder is enough to create one baby hand or foot cast. Multiple bags can be combined to make larger child, adult, or couple casts, as per instructions in your kit.



Refill powders:


Step 1 Moulding Powder 120g bags - $8 each

Step 2 Casting Powder 200g bags - $4 each

Both Step 1 Moulding AND Step 2 Casting Powders - $10


Shipped within NZ within 2-3 working days.


Phone and email support available, as well as detailed video tutorials, to ensure you get amazing results too.


I'm happy to help with any quesitons you may have, and would love to see photos of your finished creations!


Refill Powder - for Home Casting Kits

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