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Our pure fine silver pendants are imprinted with your loved one's paw print. We can rescale and imprint their unique print into pure fine silver. Each piece is handcrafted as a one off original artwork. We have a variety of shapes and sizes available.


​We can use existing prints you may have, even if they're faint, smudged, or on seperate pieces of paper, Jen can render them to be clear and aligned, ready to press into silver.


The print can be taken at our studio in Forest Lake, your home or location of choice within Hamilton. If you're outside of Hamilton, we can send you a print kit with instructions to easily take the print yourself and courier back to us to create your special piece.



Small is suitable for charms, cufflinks or earrings (approx 10-15mm depending on shape).


Medium is suitable for necklace pendants and keyrings (approx 20-25mm depending on shape).


Large is suitable for larger necklace pendants or keyring with room for name/date/text (approx 30-35mm depending on shape).

Paw Prints

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