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Capture the unique pattern of your loved one's fingerprint and transform it into a wearable family heirloom. Delicate and personal, so you can always carry their touch close to your heart. 


How to Order:

  • Size: Choose from Small, Medium, or Large.
  • Personal Touch: Decide on your custom engraving.
  • Fingerprint Source: Let us know if you have existing fingerprints or if you'd like a free collection kit sent. We can overnight courier kits to your funeral home for your funeral director to collect the prints.
  • Shape: Pick your preferred pendant shape/design.
  • Details: Add any additional information, like engraving descriptions or specific design requirements. I will be in touch via email to confirm and clarify any special requests.
  • Opal Inlay: For inlay pendants containing opal, paua, cremation ashes within an inlay (such as the Bar pendant example pictured last) please see our Opal Inlay Pendant options here.

Need to Capture a Fingerprint?

  • Drop By: Visit our Forest Lake studio for a quick in-person impression.
  • We Visit: For house & funeral calls, we can come to you. (Note: Travel charges may apply.)
  • Free Kit: Upon placing your order we can courier a free Fingerprint Collection Kit, including both 2D ink printing and 3D silicone imprinting methods. Ensure you select "Please send me a fingerprinting kit" from the drop down box when ordering. Video tutorials on capturing fingerprints at home can be found here.
  • Funeral Directors: Members of the NZ Funeral Directors Association, and private Funeral Homes who intend to regularly offer our Fingerprint Pendants and DNA Inclusion Jewellery, are encouraged to get in touch so we can send you several collection kits to have on hand. You will also recieve our exclusive FDA discount code.


Got Existing Ink Prints? Even if they're faint or smudged, Jen’s expertise will ensure a clear refined imprint into your finished piece.

Size & Design:

  • Pendants can adopt any shape or size. Medium size is ideal for adult necklace pendants, while large sizes are perfect for more intricate hand engravings. Small is typically reserved for bracelet charms or children's pendants.


  • Small: Perfect for charms, cufflinks, or earrings (10-15mm approx).
  • Medium: Ideal for necklace pendants and keyrings (20-25mm approx).
  • Large: Suited for larger pendants or keyrings with added details (30-35mm approx).

Favorite Shapes: Heart, teardrop, oval, long bar, and dog tag.

Engraving Details:

  • Front: Stamped or hand-engraved initials upon request.
  • Back: For a personal touch, opt for hand engraving. Provide a handwriting sample via pxt or email for a unique signature, name, or short message (up to 5 words for medium-large pendants).

Fingerprinting Techniques:

  • Ink Print: Offers a slightly enlarged print with clear lines. As 2D images are computer rendered we can clean up any smudging for a perfectly clear and detailed print. This is provided in our free Fingerprint Collection kit.
  • Silicone Mould: For an authentic feel which captures your loved ones exact fingerprint size, fine detail, and shape, to perfectly replicate their touch. This method is our go-to for funeral home visits and studio sessions. This is provided in our free Fingerprint Collection kit, with video tutorial here.
  • Time Sensitive? If you don't have time to wait for our free Fingerprint Collection Kit to arrive you can follow our simple Pencil and Tape technique to quickly and easily capture a fingerprint at home. A photo of these prints can be emailed to me at which will then be computer rendered and cleaned up to create a crisp clear print, ready to press into your silver pendant.

Preserve the Original: Rest assured, your original prints will return with your pendant, ensuring they're safe and available for future use.


Gifts for family: Your finished pendants will be securely stored in our branded jewellery display box with velveteen drawstring bag & accompanied by your personalised certificate of authenticity, jewellery polishing cloth and care instructions, to protect your precious memories for years to come.


Exclusive Offer: As an affiliate member of the Funeral Directors Association, we're proud to offer member-exclusive discounts. Contact us for your personalized FDA discount code.


Each pendant, imprinted with your loved one's fingerprint, tells a story as unique as the fingerprint itself. It is a true honour to be entrusted to preserve your cherished memories.

Fingerprint Pendants

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