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Our stackable Dew Drops Birthstone Keepsake ring is  expertly crafted with 2x4mm Marquise Bezel stone settings to hold your precious inclusions, accented with your choice of precious gemstone to match yours, your baby or loved one's birthstone.


This setting is popular as a breastmilk keepsake, but is also suitable for all inclusions such as hair, cremation ashes, dried umbilical cord and more.


Available in 14ct gold, in either white, rose or yellow gold.
*Also available in .925 Sterling Silver and gold plated White/Rose/Gold options here.


Setting options:

  • Partial Band - Including 4 round birthstones, and 5 marquise custom inclusion stones, with a plain lower half band.
  • Full Band - Including 8 round birthstones, and 8 marquise custom inclusion stones, that completely wrap around the enitre band.


Precious Metal Options:

  • 14ct White Gold
  • 14ct Rose Gold
  • 14ct Yellow Gold

*Solid .925 Sterling Silver or Rose / Yellow gold plated options available here


Birthstone options:

  • Single Birthstone - your choice of either natural/genuine or lab created stone
  • Multile Birthstone (+$200) - to represent 2 or more pregancies, breastfeeding journey's, or the memory of two or more people dear to your heart.

Choose your precious stone...

  • Jan - Garnet
  • Feb - Amethyst
  • Mar - Aquamarine
  • Apr - Diamond (+$400)
  • Apr - Moissanite
  • May - Emerald (+$200)
  • May - Lab created Emerald
  • Jun - Lab created Alexandrite (+$200)
  • Jun - Moonstone
  • Jul - Ruby (+$200)
  • Jul - Lab created Ruby
  • Aug - Peridot
  • Sep - Sapphire (+$400)
  • Sep - Lab created Sapphire
  • Sep - Black Sapphire
  • Oct - Rose Quartz
  • Oct - Opal
  • Oct - Tourmaline
  • Nov - Skyblue Topaz
  • Nov - Swissblue Topaz
  • Nov - London Topaz
  • Nov - Citrine
  • Dec -Tanzanite (+$200)
  • Dec - Turquoise (+$200)


Turn Around Time:

  • Standard 6-8 weeks
  • Priority 3-4 weeks (+$150)

*Turn around time is from the day of recieving your inclusion and full instructions (including size and design requirements), until your piece is ready for collection or delivery. Our courier service usually arrives overnight for North Island, 2 days for South Island, or 3-5 days for Rural.



  • Single Inclusion - Breastmilk, hair, dried umbilical cord, cremation ashes, sand/soil, fabric, flowers, etc.
  • Multiple Inclusions - Multiple inclusions can be added at no extra charge. ie Breastmilk+Hair, or Ashes+Funeral Flowers etc.

*Please specify your chosen inclusion/s upon ordering.


Ring Sizes:

  • Custom fixed sizes – (US) 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12

*If you are unsure of your size, you can still order now and confirm your sizing later. We can either send you a ring sizer at no charge, or you can pop into our Hamilton studio, or any local jewellers for a free sizing.

*See Ring Size Conversion Chart in photos

*For ring sizes outside of this range please enquire first regarding XS and XL settings



Colour & Embellishments:

We have a range of colour and embellishments to pair beautifully with your chosen inclusion/s.

  • Pearl Pigment - Our pearl pigments have  a varying degree of sparkle/shimmer to suit your tastes. For bresatmilk jewellery these are recommended to use in place of a 'Base Colour' to maintain the white natural tone of the breastmilk. They also pair well with crushed white opal for a stunning light catching cremation keepsake.
  • Base Colour - This is the colour that sits behind any inclusions, on the bottom layer of your custom crafted stone/s. We recommend 1 base colour for smaller settings such as rings, or 1-2 complimentary base colours for larger settings such as pendants. (Complimentary means colours that work well together & blend nicely such as blue and green, or pink and purple combinations).
  • Embellishments - These added sparkles and flecks of colour are a great way to add that extra bit of 'bling' to your inclusion jewellery. Embellishments sit in the middle and foreground layers of your stone, depending on how visable or disguised you'd like your inclusion to be. Use these additions to make your piece pop, or to blend/disguise inclusions such as cremation ashes if you'd prefer they weren't the dominant feature of your keepsake. They can also be used to create style effects or to emulate birthstones, or add something extra to a simple piece with the addition of gildering leaf or opalescent shimmer. We recommend 1 embellishment for small bezel settings, or 2 embellishments for larger pieces such as pendants.

*View our full range of colours and embellishments here.


Sending your Inclusions:

We craft custom DNA Jewellery for people all over New Zealand. No matter where you live in the country, we can create your special piece.

Your precious inclusions are treated with the upmost care and respect.
All unused inclusions will be returned to you along with your finished piece, with the exception of breastmilk.

For breastmilk jewellery, we will dehydrate and preserve the milk into powdered form. The remaining powder will be halved, with half returned to you in a small keepsake vial, and the other half kept on file with your name and order number incase anything needs repairs or replacement in future, and allowing you to order more pieces later down the track when your breastfeeding journey is over.

*Learn how to prepare and send your inclusion here.


After Purchase:

After your complete your purchase here, Jen will be in touch via email to confirm colour choices and arrange for collection or delivery of your inclusion to our Forest Lake studio for crafting. During the crafting process we will email you with proof photos of your inclusion stone/s before it's set into your piece. This allows you to make changes to the colours, embellishments and depth of inclusions, so that it's just as you envision. We want to ensure you absolutely love your piece, so the finished setting will only be sent home after you've approved the final design.

*See here for after care instructions.


14ct Solid Gold Dew Drops Birthstone Stackable Keepsake Ring

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