Hair & Pet Fur

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We take the upmost care and respect of your personal inclusions. We understand how precious they are, so we ask that you don't send all the hair or pet fur you have, but only send a small amount incase of any postal issues.


Hair can be any length, though preferably at least 2cm long, and around 1-2 toothpicks wide. We can work with less if need be, though this may change the overall look of your finished piece, which I can discuss further with you.
If the hair is very fine and separates easily you can bind it together with hair spray and then place into a small snaplock bag.




Please send via tracked courier to:

Hamilton Lifecasting Studio

28 Carey Street


Hamilton 3200

Please let me know when the hair/fur is on its way so I can advise you when your inclusion has arrived safely.




28 Carey Street
Maeroa, Hamilton 3200


Contact Jen - 027 333 4069


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